Posted: March 3, 2015 in DAILY LIVING

Hello dear friend, compliments of the day to you. It sure is a B-E-A-Utiful day today, mercies and grace on every side. We have looked at two of the basic components of SQ; knowledge and Attitude, others include behavior(1Tim3:2; Tit 2:3) and relationships(Luk6:31). Today we will identify the five(5) major phases through which a persons Spiritual intelligence develops and could be developed.

stepsThe first of these is the recognition phase. In this phase, a person becomes aware of the existence of their spiritual make-up. They essentially begin to understand the definite existence of their soul and spirit and inadvertently have an understanding of what following Jesus is all about.

The second phase is the reorientation phase. Here, a person begins to see the differences between a life lived without Jesus and a life with Him and therefore develops a desire to develop their relationship with Him more actively (it’s usually unstable; here today and there tomorrow).

The third phase is the reorganization phase. A person begins to make more intentional decisions as regards their value systems and the kind of lifestyle they lead. There is a yearning for a lifestyle that portrays biblical principles. This is where most believers get stuck and some even drift into laxity and find themselves struggling to remain in phase two.

The fourth phase is the re-centering phase. A believer who has gotten to this phase in their spiritual walk has transcended the primary struggle of who is first in their lives. Their lifestyles become naturally and instinctively patterned by the Spirit resulting in spirit-led lives and attitudes. This is what is meant by walking in the spirit.

The fifth phase is the reinvesting phase. This is the final phase of the Spirit walk and involves the ability to exude the ability and attitude  of Jesus per time, per action, per thought, per decision etc. People operating in this phase display a high sense of spiritual maturity and become involved actively in mentoring others both directly and indirectly. It is the place of becoming like Christ; a friend, a brother, a teacher and a mentor.

Our task today is still self assessing. What phase are my currently operating in? What can I do to work on myself and yield more to God in order to keep growing? A simple prayer could suffice, “Dear Lord, grant me the grace to keep growing as I continue in the study of your word and in prayer. Thank you for the empowerment of your Spirit in Jesus’ name, Amen!!!

Have a growth filled day today and may the mind of Christ dwell in you richly, in Jesus’ name, Amen!!!

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